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Coach Anthony Christodoulou
Anthony Christodoulou Getting Ready to Rumble
Coaches Eddie Beauford, Red Irwin, & Bobby Harrison
Empire State Games
USA Boxing Team
Original Bad Boys
Anthony Christodoulou & Al Mitchell
Coaches David Lubbs & Al Mitchell (1996 Olympic Coach)
USA Boxing Team
Coaches Red Irwin & Greg Sorrentino
Sugar Shane Mosley & Coach Anthony Christodoulou
Coach Christodoulou with Son Anthony
Power Shot Defeats Uppercut Bag
Upstate Boxing Fitness at Rochester Matches
Gym Workout
Watertown Boxing Matches
Bag Work
Greg Sorrentino Wrapping Diego
Double End Bag Work
Slipping Rope Drill
Modified Training
Gym Workout
Buffalo Boxing Matches
Ready to Spar
Heavy Bags
Speed Bags
Gym Workout
Speed Bag
Jacobs Ladder
Body Shots
Double End Bag
Jumping Rope
Double End Bag
Coach Anthony Christodoulou
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